Captain Ray Goad

Personal Biography

I am a comfortable, laid back, happy person with a good sense of humor. I don’t take myself too seriously. I have enjoyed a successful professional career, and now I am semi-retired, and just enjoying life on the waters and with the people from all walks of life in South Florida.

I received my undergraduate degree while attending Wake Forest University; and my law degree from The University of North Carolina School of Law. For more than fourteen years I was in-house Legal Counsel for Westin Hotel Company and culminated with my serving as Vice President and General Counsel of Westin Hotel Company.

My U.S. Coast Guard Master License is documented with more than 1800 days of logged sea time, totaling more than five years of actual onboard experience.

My background and experience provide me with the ability to work with you to make your Wedding not only as you have always imagined it, but also making it a unique and memorable experience for those celebrating with you.

I work with you to create just the feeling you are looking for, with vows that are personal and meaningful to both of you. I will follow any religious, secular, traditional or personal ceremonial practices following your preferences and directions. My objective is to provide you, the bride and groom, with a ceremony you have always imagined.

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